Learn Letter of Credit with Real-time Experience


Risks are involved in international trade. Especially payment is the most risky situation when a trade is taken place between two traders of two different countries.  Exporters take risk of buyers failing to pay for the goods. On the other hand, importers might also be in risk paying beforehand but never receiving any goods or the contracted amount of goods.

One way of reducing the risks is to use a letter of credit. This can offer a guarantee to the seller that they will be paid, and the buyer can be sure that no payment will be made until they receive the goods.

There are several different types of letters of credit available to use, depending on the circumstances.

This course will explain the roles of the parties, clarify the procedures and recommend practical ways in which exporters/practitioners  can establish best practice in order to ensure payment every time.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Payment options in International trade
  • The role of Letters of Credit in International Trade
  • The benefits of Letters of Credit to buyer and seller
  • Roles and responsibilities of buyer and seller in a Letter of Credit
  • The role of the Banks
  • Making Letters of Credit work for all parties
  • Avoiding discrepancies
  • Common documentation and common terms
  • Strict compliance – the role of UCP 600
  • The different types of Letter Credits

Who should attend?

This course is most suitable for new exporters, or people working in export but who have never had formal training on Letters of Credit.

The departments within a business that this course would apply to are:

  • Customer Services
  • Export Administration
  • Shipping
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Export Sales Administration
  • Export Sales Management
  • Import Administration
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Legal

Students, Graduates and professionals of other fields are also encouraged to attend if they have serious thoughts in building career in International Business.

Course Fee: BDT 5,000/= (Taka Five Thousand Only)

Curse Duration: 10 Hours

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