Why Tradeshow is important?

Each year, over 5000 trade shows take place all over the planet, offering tremendous business opportunities. A tradeshow can help to test the global market for products, make export sales or find overseas distributors and representatives.

The international tradeshow is one of the most effective communication tools of export marketing. At the point when exporter have prepared items, he needs to reach to the purchasers. By attending a tradeshow, he may find them.

There is no option to plan and prepare for a successful tradeshow. Starting from the budget of the fair, the stall design, marketing material and planning during the meeting have to be done in advance.

Let’s see why budget is important,

The cost of building a stall-

  • If you want to have a roundtable meeting with the buyer’s or have a separate budget for what you want to organize a seminar,
  • Advertising,
  • Transport bill,
  • The cost of having a reception or guide arrangement after leaving the airport,
  • The cost of refreshing visitors to your stall at the fair,
  • If you keep a corner booth, it costs,
  • The cost of having an interpreter,
  • Cost of transporting goods,
  • Money problem can arise

Just think, what will you get by going to the fair at such a cost? Or go to the fair with a goal? In the fair, one can meet with a lot of buyers. The main goal to participate in a fair is to get the highest amount of buyer order. The more contracts exporters get, the greater the chance of ordering.


Lead Generation: Trade shows are important because they offer a stage to market to customers and then sell the product to those same customers. Even though marketing is typically a way to direct the customer to the store or website, a good majority of the sales process can be done right there on the spot.

Establish Connection: Attending a trade show gives good scope to get on a new customer’s connection as a product or company that customer need to watch. Suddenly, it is not spammed anymore – it becomes a way to watch and interact with. Trade shows are great for networking, and it’s much easier to make a connection with someone, whether they’re a competitor or an attendee, at a trade show than it is anywhere else.

Negotiation & Orders: Trade shows help bring all the different features of an industry together – consumers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers. We can find everything in one place. Businesses can schedule meetings, negotiate orders and other prospects and work in partnership on other projects.

Brand Expansion: Businesses are always trying to find ways to grow.  This is one of the reasons why trade shows are important – they give companies a way to get their brand in front of new or existing customers, no matter whether they come to the show as an attendee or an exhibitor.

Research: It gives a great insight into the customer mind, what they want and needs. An exporter can understand how customers are reacting on the product, are they receiving it well or not. Should they expand it globally or not? It is a great source for collecting information.

Things to do to be successful in Tradeshow

 There are several things require to maximize the chances for success-

  • Knowing the objective of participation in trade show
  • Having a reasonable expectation of the achievement
  • Choosing participants very carefully and train them thoroughly.
  • Spending some time developing the marketing plan and material
  • Creating a task timeline checklist and stick to it.

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ACADEMY teamWhy Tradeshow is important?

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