July 2019

Why Tradeshow is important?

Each year, over 5000 trade shows take place all over the planet, offering tremendous business opportunities. A tradeshow can help to test the global market for products, make export sales or find overseas distributors and representatives.

The international tradeshow is one of the most effective communication tools of export marketing. At the point when exporter have prepared items, he needs to reach to the purchasers. By attending a tradeshow, he may find them.

There is no option to plan and prepare for a successful tradeshow. Starting from the budget of the fair, the stall design, marketing material and planning during the meeting have to be done in advance.

ACADEMY teamWhy Tradeshow is important?
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TEDFO Academy’s 3rd training program at East West University

TEDFO Academy & Career Counseling Center of East West University jointly organized a 2-day long training program on Export Management, which was titled “Be an Export Manager”. We arranged the program on June 28-29, 2019 at East West University Campus premise. We got a bunch of enthusiastic students there. Therefore, the crowd made the class effective and interactive. Mr Debashish Chakrabarty, Chief Facilitator of TEDFO Academy conducted the session. – TEDFO Academy.

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ACADEMY teamTEDFO Academy’s 3rd training program at East West University
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Inbound & Outbound marketing: Role in Lead generation

Inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is a method of attracting, engaging and delighting customers to grow a business which provides value and builds trust on customer’s mind. Inbound marketing creates a process to find a potential customer and turning that early awareness into brand preference and ultimately into leads and revenue. Buyer’s self-education, a marketer’s job is to be heard through the noise and come up with new ways for leads to find a potential customer.

ACADEMY teamInbound & Outbound marketing: Role in Lead generation
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