April 2019

A 2-day long training session conducted at SME Foundation

TEDFO Academy conducted a 2-day long training session on Export Management at SME Foundation in April 29th and 30th, 2019.

We believe that it was a fruitful training session. Those entrepreneurs were so enthusiastic to learn and responded so well. We also learnt a lot of experiences from their individual business journey which was amazing. We wish them luck for their future success. Hopefully, we were able to show them a ray of hope to make their local product global.

Thank you SME Foundation for arranging such kind of training programs.

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ACADEMY teamA 2-day long training session conducted at SME Foundation
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Export Journey: Export Marketing

As we already know from the 1st blog that there are generally four stages of an export journey. Namely:

  1. Export Readiness Assessment 
  2.  Export Marketing
  3. Export Sales
  4. Export Shipment

Today, we will be discussing about the 2nd step of Export Journey.

Faria TasnimExport Journey: Export Marketing
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Export Journey

Think about Export business as a journey which starts at a point and finishes at the other and there are a number of stages that need to be followed consecutively. Knowing the export journey will help an exporter to know about the whole picture of the export business process and discover your own position in the journey. In this manner, we will be able to know the strength and weakness of an export plan to get success in export business.

ACADEMY teamExport Journey
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