Long Course

TEDFO ACADEMY is planning for a long course like diploma in near future. In addition to this, we are planning for 3-months, 6-months and 1-year long diploma courses. Our facilitators will take a series of classes on the course matters.

Short Course

Currently we are offering month long scholarship based training program on export management. Besides this month long program, we are also organizing customized week long programs, weekend programs during the year.

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We are arranging different types of workshop around the year. Currently we are participating many Day-long events, hourly programs in various business houses and universities of the country.



Our training courses are well organized and practical. We use interactive methods and tools that ensure your highest participation. Our course materials are highly informative, practical, and organized in a way that it will play an effective role in your career development.


The people working here are highly qualified in export and import background. Our facilitators are telling stories to our students rather lecturing. We believe in two-way communication system that clears about the need and expectation of each other.


TEDFO ACADEMY is the leading export training academy in Bangladesh. We are the only institution, facilitating export management and export marketing training programs in the country. We are trying to assist our students on their career path.






Program Arranged



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